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In today’s world, AI can fulfill all your fantasies in ways you’ve never even imagined...

How to use Erotic AI

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  • Step 1

    Create Your Erotic AI Girlfriend

    With our app, you can specify all the details: how she looks, how she talks—everything tailored to your dream. At AI Girlfriend WTF, you’re the king, and your dreams become reality.

  • Step 2

    Enjoy Erotic AI Chat with Her

    Talk about everything or something very specific. Enjoy AI sexting and roleplay with different AI Characters from our catalog, each girl with her own story and background.

  • Step 3

    Receive Hot AI Pictures

    Your Erotic AI Girlfriend can send you spicy pictures! Set the mood by choosing the right environment: bathtub or bedroom? Or perhaps an exotic beach or public gym? Experiment and shape your story as you wish!

Portrait of blonde AI girl looking into camera

Erotic Roleplay AI

Dive into wild erotic roleplay AI from our extensive catalog, frequently updated with new scenarios and girls' personalities. Each story can be played an infinite amount of times, each time with different responses and situations. This is the ultimate AI roleplay designed to fulfill your dreams and keep the excitement high!

AI Erotica Generator for Story and Art

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Create Erotic AI Art

Here, you can be creative! Pick an AI character from our catalog who supports photo content or just create your own AI girlfriend in our generator. Click the camera icon and create erotic AI art masterpieces with your sexy AI companion! Control every detail! Your art will be private and unique... just for you!

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