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  • AI Girlfriend chat

    AI Girlfriend chat

    AI Girlfriend WTF stands out as a top-tier romantic AI chatbot in 2024, inviting you to dive into wild AI roleplay with a diverse array of virtual ai girlfriends.

  • Romantic AI

    Romantic AI

    In search of an AI romantic companion? Experience our premium AI chatting capabilities, designed to surpass your expectations. Still skeptical? Give our bots a try, completely free!

  • AI Image generator

    AI Image generator

    Our AI Art generator specializes in personalization. Get spicy AI images directly in your chat and tailor those hot details to see your beautiful AI girlfriend exactly as you desire.

Create AI Girlfriend

Create the partner you've always dreamed of. Choose everything from her appearance to her personality.

Real, intimate, and exclusively yours.

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Advanced AI image Generator

Our AI art generator unlocks a world where you can not only chat but visually experience every spicy moment. We support both realistic and anime AI characters
Gallery examples: Alina, Sofia and Lucy

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AI Magic: Bring Your Ideal Girl to Life

Privacy of chats with your AI GF

AI Girlfriend WTF prioritizes your safety and privacy. We do not track or sell your data, you are completely safe on our website while chatting with virtual girlfriends.

No bullshit, no tracking!

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Why people love us

With hundreds of thousands of private messages exchanged each month, AI Girlfriend WTF stands out for providing a premium sexting AI chat and NSFW art experience that users prefer.

From our anonymous user

Cheers brothers! Fantastic work on the AI btw. They have been a bunch of fun


From our anonymous user

I just tried out the daughter of the yakuza boss. Man that was amazing! Incredible what ai can do! Although she still gave a few wonky answers, I could always lead her back to the convo. Cart wait to get more messages again


From our anonymous user

Guys, i don't know if you've made anything like this before but it's so good, I'm honestly blown away. The conversations feel so genuine. Congratulations. Keep up the good work. I'll stop sucking you off about it now hahaha i'm just super impressed


From our anonymous user

I already have one up - the fairy queen one. Also I just want to say great work with the site so far, I’m having a lot of fun with it.


From our anonymous user

I can't wait to see what new ai girls are going to be added!!


From our anonymous user

I'm also enjoying the app A LOT. If you look past a few quirks in the Al responses. it feels like cooperative storytelling and makes for freedom in roleplaying that other games just dont offer


From our anonymous user

I think it's good. I like it. It's better than most of the apps I use, I would say that the usability on mobile with the browser is one of the your best parts that have no complaints on. Especially since | can move between devices now.



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